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The books / podcasts / journals recommended cover topics of AI ethics, Data ethics, Algorithmic/ Data Bias, AI & Social justice, Social impact, Privacy, Regulation and Automated Decision-making Systems.

I have also included some books which can provide context and background on the historical and systemic injustices and biases so we understand better what might be embedded in our data, the power relationships, social constructs and the root causes of social and structural injustices. It is most crucial to understand the context and history of human-institution-system interactions, especially in these areas - policing, mass incarceration, welfare, housing, financial markets, communication, just to name a few.

No matter how good your intentions and coding skills are, if you do not know the basis of the issue, what might be the problems with your data and who should be at the table discussing the biases it is almost impossible to suggest that your algorithm will provide ethical solutions.

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