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AI Ethics Case Studies & AI Incident Registries


AIAAIC Repository: AI, algorithmic and automation incidents
collected, dissected, examined, and divulged

AI incident database

AI litigation database

Algorithm Tips: Resources and leads for investigating algorithms in society

Awful AI: Curated list to track current scary usages of AI

Berkeley Haas Center for Equity, Gender, and Leadership: Bias in AI Examples Tracker

CDEI: Review into bias in algorithmic decision-making

Digital Europe:   Case Studies on Artificial Intelligence

Eticas Foundation: Observatory of Algorithms with Social Impact

Fiesler, Casey & Garrett, Natalie & Beard, Nate. (2020). What Do We Teach When We Teach Tech Ethics?: A Syllabi Analysis.

Garrett, Natalie & Beard, Nate & Fiesler, Casey. (2020). More Than "If Time Allows": The Role of Ethics in AI Education

Jeffrey Saltz, Michael Skirpan, Casey Fiesler, Micha Gorelick, Tom Yeh, Robert Heckman, Neil Dewar, and Nathan Beard. 2019. Integrating Ethics within Machine Learning Courses. ACM Trans. Comput. Educ. 19, 4, Article 32 (August 2019)

Harvard University: Justice case studies with Michael Sandel

IEEE - ECPAIS: Use Case - Criteria for Addressing Ethical Challenges in Transparency, Accountability, and Privacy of Contract Tracing - Draft

Illinois Institute of Technology - Center for Study of Ethics in the ProfessionsEthics Case Studies library, Case Study Collection

​​MIT Media LabMoral Machine

National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science, University at Buffalo:   Case Collection

Santa Clara University, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics:   Technology Ethics Cases

Open Roboethics Institute:   Scenario-based cases

Peltarion:  Deep Learning Opportunities and Best Practice Report

Princeton University, Dialogues on AI & EthicsCase study PDFs

"Problematic Machine Behavior: A Systematic Literature Review of Algorithm Audits": A continually-updated list of studies from the CSCW 2021 paper


Project SherpaCase study future scenarios


University of Washington Tech Policy Lab: Designing Tech Policy: Instructional Case Studies for Technologists and Policymaker

Case Study The Distilling of a Biased Algorithmic Decision Systems through a Business Lens
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