AI Pledges


ACM: Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct

AI International Accord: establishing the Global Alliance for Digital Governance

ARM: AI Trust Manifesto

The Biosphere Code: Manifesto

The Critical Engineering Working Group: Critical Engineering Working Manifesto Manifesto

DataforGood: Serment d’Hippocrate pour Data Scientist (Hippocratic Oath for Data Scientist)

DataKindEthical principles for pro bono data scientists

Denver Manifesto

Digital Analytics Association: Code of Ethics

Future of Life: Lethal Autonomous Weapons Pledge

Holberton-Turing Oath

IEEE: Code of Ethics

The National Academies of Science, Engineering, & Medicine: Data Science Oath

NeverAgain: Tech Pledge

The People's Declaration


Public Voice, Universal Guidelines for Artificial Intelligence

Safe Face Pledge

Swiss Alliance of Data-intensive Services: Ethical Codex for Data-Based Value Creation

UCLA School of Law, The Promise Human Rights: Joint civil society statement: Structural intervention is required to mitigate the racially discriminatory impacts of emerging digital technologies including AI

UK Government Office for Science: Universal Ethical Code for Scientists