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AI Principles

Accenture, Universal Principles of Data Ethics, 2016

​AI Ethics Lab, Toolbox Dynamics of AI Principles

Alan Turing Institute, Understanding Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Safety, 2019

Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance (AIIA), Joint Pledge on Artificial Intelligence Industry Self-Discipline, 2019

AI Now Institute, AI Now Report, December 2018

AI4People (Atomium - European Institute for Science, Media and Democracy), Ethical Framework for a Good AI Society: Opportunities, Risks, Principles, and Recommendations

Allied Media Projects: Guidelines for Equitable Open Data

​​​Amnesty International & Access Now, The Toronto Declaration: Protecting the right to equality and non-discrimination in machine learning systems, 2018


Association for Computing Machinery, Statement on Algorithmic Transparency and Accountability, 2017

Association for Progressive Communication, Feminist Principles of the Internet

Australia's Ethics Framework, 2019

Baidu, Four Principles of AI Ethics

Bejing Academy of Artificial Intelligence, Bejing AI Principles


Bertelsmann Stiftung & iRights.lab, AlgoRules

Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT): Digital Decisions


Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), Toward a G20 Framework for Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace (CIGI Paper No. 178), 2018

(CENTRIC) and the Europol Innovation Lab, Accountability Principles for Artificial Intelligence (AP4AI)

CIGREF, Digital Ethics, 2018

Expert Group on Data Ethics (Dataetik), Data for the Benefit of the People, 2018

Data Ethics, Data Ethics Principles, 2017

Deep Mind, Ethics and Society Principles

Defense Innovation Board, Recommendations on the Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence by the Department of Defense, 2019

Department of Defense, Ethical Principles for Artificial Intelligence

Design Justice Network, Principles

Deutsche Telekom, Guidelines for Artificial Intelligence

​European Commission, Code of Practice on Disinformation, 2018

​European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ): European ethical Charter on the use of Artificial Intelligence in judicial systems and their environment, 2018
​European Commission, European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies Statement on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and ‘Autonomous’ Systems, 2018

European Data Protection Supervisor: Ethics Advisory Group Report 2018

FAT/ML, Principles for Accountable Algorithms and a Social Impact Statement for Algorithms

Floridi, L., & Cowls, J.: A Unified Framework of Five Principles for AI in Society. Harvard Data Science Review, 1, 2019

Future of Life Institute, ​​Asilomar AI Principles, 2017

Future of Privacy Forum, Privacy Principles for Facial Recognition Technology in Commercial Applications, 2018


GE Healthcare, AI Principles

Germany’s Federal Government set up the Data Ethics Commission, Opinion

Global Indigenous Data Alliance (GIDA), CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance

The Good Technology Collective, The Good Technology Standard (GTS:2019-Draft-1)

Google, AI @ Google:Responsible AI Practices, 2018

Google, People + AI Research (PAIR): People + AI Guidebook

Harvard University - Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, Principled Artificial Intelligence: Mapping Consensus in Ethical and Rights-based Approaches to Principles for AI, 2020

IBM, Trusting AI

IBM, Principles for Trust and Transparency, 2018

​International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners ICDPPC, Declaration on Ethics and Data Protection in Artifical Intelligence, 2018

IEEE, Ethics in Action – Set the Global Standards

​​Information Technology Industry Council (ITI), AI Policy Principles

The Institute for Ethical AI & ML, The Responsible Machine Learning Principles

Institute of Business Ethics (IBE), Business Ethics and Artificial Intelligence, 2018

Intel, Artificial Intelligence, The Public Policy Opportunity, 2017

Kakako Corp, Kakao Algorithm Ethics

Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, Civil Rights Principles for the Era of Big Data, 2014

Linux Foundation, AI & Data Principles for Trusted AI

Māori Data Sovereignty Network, Principles of Māori Data Sovereignty

Microsoft, Facial Recognition Principles, 2018
Microsoft, Microsoft AI Principles and The Future Computed – AI and its role in society, 2018

Microsoft, Responsible bots: 10 guidelines for developers of conversational AI, 2018


Monetary Authority of Singapore, Principles to Promote Fairness, Ethics, Accountability and Transparency (FEAT) in the Use of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in Singapore’sFinancial Sector

Mozilla Foundation, Effective Ad Archives, 2019


National Research Council Canada, Advisory Statement on Human Ethics in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Research, 2017

National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence, Interim Report, 2019

OECD Legal Instruments, Recommendation of the Council on Artificial Intelligence, 2019

​Open AI, Open AI Charter


Partnership On AI, Tenets Partnership on AI

Rome Call for Ethics (Vatican AI Principles)

Royal Academy of Engineering, Statement of Ethical Principles, 2017


​Sage, The Ethics of Code: Developing AI for Business with Five Core Principles, 2017

SAP, Guiding principles for Artificial Intelligence, 2018

Smart Dubai, Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Principle, 2018


Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, Responsible use of artificial intelligence

Telefonica, AI Principles

Twitter, Moments Guidelines and Principles

UK Engineering and Physical Research Council: Principles of Robotics, 2011

​UK Government, A Guide to Using Artificial Intelligence in the Public Sector, 2019
UK House of Lords, Artificial Intelligence Committee’s report, AI in the UK, 2017

UNESCO, Global Code of Ethics, 2018

UNESCO, Report of COMEST on Robotics Ethics, 2017

UNI Global Union, The Future World of Work, Top 10 Principles for Ethical AI

Université de Montréal, Montreal Declaration for Responsible AI, 2018

University of Notre Dame, A Code of Ethics for the Human Robot Interaction

Yi Zeng, Enmeng Lu, and Cunqing Huangfu, “Linking Artificial Intelligence Principles,” (2018)

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