National AI Strategies

Comparative Reports



AustriaAustria's Government is currently working together with the consulting firm Accenture on an Austrian Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy

Canada: the first country in the world to announce a national strategy for artificial intelligence (AI) - Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy

China: aka “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan.”


Czech Republic



Finland: the first country in EU to announce a national strategy





Ireland: launch of a public consultation on the development of an national strategy on artificial intelligence

Israel: launch of a task force

Italy: draft national policy


Kenya: launch of a Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence task force



Malaysia: launch of a cloud-first task force


Mexico: the first country in Latin America to announce a national strategy


New Zealand






Saudi Arabia



South Korea




United Arab Emirates

United States: R&D

United States: National Security on AI

United Kingdom

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Multinational AI Strategies