AI and automated decision making systems are becoming more prominent in our lives and without much governance, transparency or accountability.  They are already being used by governments, agencies and private companies for predictive policing, school admissions, health decisions, welfare / benefit eligibility, or risk scoring on credit/loans, recruitment, criminal detention, housing, immigration detention - just to name a few.

As an AI ethicist, my pledge is to protect social justice and advocate for AI that protects the rights and dignity of the individual and societies – to the best of my abilities. is my humble attempt to create a global repository of reference material and make it a first stop research point to anyone interested in the current discussions on consequences of automated-decision making and ethical, explainable, unbiased AI systems for social justice.

In order to ensure that I respect the intellectual efforts, I will always provide the links to the material at its source.  I would like this to be a collaborative effort and continuously update and expand this project.  So if you would like to DIRECT ME TO A REFERENCE MATERIAL currently not here or if you would like to SHARE A CONCERN / SUGGESTION, please contact me.  This project is a work in progress and will be constantly updated.

Any and every kind of support is appreciated. 

My work is only possible thanks to financial support from donors like you. 100% of your donation goes into expanding and maintaining this repository.


I am indebted to anyone who provides support to this project; or puts time, effort and resources for the same cause.  There are a handful of other professionals or organizations that keep inventories in with different focus. I added the ones I am aware under the Organizations pages.


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